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If you are having an issue with your account reach us on

Here are some FAQ which also may answer some questions you have:

Can I get verified on KindMill?

Yes! Good news if you are verified on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn you can get verified quickly on KindMill by doing the following.

Please post on any one of those accounts which is verified the following:

-Your @Username on KindMill, with a message like: “Hey everyone you can find me on KindMill my username is @TheRock”

Once you have posted that on one of your verified accounts for example Facebook then copy the link from that Facebook post and send it to us at and we can add a verification badge to your profile. 

How does the privacy features work?

Posts: When you are creating a post you have the option on the right hand of the screen to select if you would like the post to be public so that anyone on KindMill can see it or private so that only you can see it.

Buckets: When you create a bucket you can create a bucket so that anyone on KindMill can see what is in it or you can create a private bucket which no one will be able to see.

Important: It is important to understand that if you create a public post and post it into a private bucket that post will still be viewable by anyone on KindMill.

Do I have to add my posts to a bucket?

Yes all posts have to go into buckets, you can create as many buckets as you want and name them whatever you want. You can also edit and delete buckets.

Can I delete a post or bucket?

Yes you can just click on the 3 blue dots next to either the post you created or bucket and select delete.

How does the Buy and Sell feature work?

KindMill lets you tell people if you want to buy or sell something and how much for. KindMill does not manage those transactions or the exchange of any money or goods or services. The buyer and seller are responsible for arranging to make those transactions. Please read of Terms or Service for more details.

Who can see my posts?

When you create a post you have 2 options interms of who can see it.

  1. You can post it publicly so anyone can see it.
  2. You can post it privately so only you can see it.

How does the timer work?

If you use the timer feature this lets people know when you want something by.

How does the reminder feature work?

You can select time to get a reminder before the timer expires. So for example say you want to go to the gym on Saturday you can use the timer to let you and other know you want to go to the gym on Saturday and then use the reminder to get a notification before you go. You can customise when you want to get the reminder so for example the day before or 2 hours before.

Can I share my posts with other people?

Yes you can share with people that follow you. People will need to have the KindMill app installed to be able to view peoples posts.

Can I block someone from following me?

Yes, on their posts if you click on the 3 blue dots and select block they will not be able to see your profile or see your posts.

Can I report someone?

Yes if you see someone abusing the platform harassing others, breaking the law or not following our Terms of Service please report them to us.

How do I find my friend on KindMill?

If you click on the setting feature at the top right hand side of your profile page you will see the option to find your friends and let people know you are on KindMill.

Can I change my profile information?

Yes on your profile page there is button to edit profile, there you can change your name, profile picture, profile description, location.

How old do I have to be to use KindMill?

13 years and over.

Is bullying allowed on KindMill?

Absolutely NOT and if that does happen on the platform those users could have their personal information handed over to local law enforcement if necessary. The aim of KindMill is to provide a place where people can help each other find things they want in their lives.


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