Here are some ideas on buckets you might like to create on KindMill and things to post in them.

Bucket ideas

  • Things I want to learn
  • Things I want to teach my kids
  • Places I want to go
  • Things I want to do this Summer/Autumn/Winter/Spring
  • Restaurants I want to try
  • Movies I want to watch
  • Books I want to read
  • Events I want to go to
  • Charities and good causes I want to support
  • Areas I want to help my community
  • Emotions I want to develop
  • Emotions I want to avoid
  • Places I want to travel
  • People of want to meet
  • Things I want for my birthday
  • Things I want to do on my birthday
  • Presents I want to give to my family/friends
  • Areas of my life I want to change
  • Things I want around the home
  • Things that are most important to me
  • Wedding gifts we would like
  • New habits I want to develop
  • Songs I want to learn to play on the guitar

Are you getting the idea 🙂


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