Privacy Policy

For people living outside of the United States of America we have a GDRP policy here, we also have a NetzDG policy here.

Last Updated 31st March 2019

This Privacy Policy explains how your information is collected, used and shared when you use the KindMill Service.

What information is collected on KindMill?

We will collect the following kinds of information when you access and use KindMill:

  1. Your contact information, full name and email address, phone number, location information which you share about where you are based and a personal description which you add to your profile description.  
  2. The username and password which you create and or update.
  3. Any posts which you generate and share either privately or publicly.
  4. Messages or supporting comments you communicate with others on the platform. Metadata such as the location and date of a post which was created on KindMill.
  5. If you provide us any feedback or suggestions to improve the KindMill service.
  6. When someone communicates with you by sending you a message or commenting on one of your posts.
  7. We may store photos which you share in either posts or your profile picture.
  8. Any and all communications with other users on KindMill.
  9. We may also store information about any accounts you block, report, mute, follow or unfollow. Likewise we may store information about other accounts that block, report, mute follow or unfollow your account.
  10. We may collect any modifications you make to your account, including but not limited to username, name, email, profile description, location information you have deleted.
  11. If you post something on another social media platform and send us a link to that post we may store that information.

Why we collect this information:

  1. Analysing data to determine ways in which we can improve the user experience on KindMill.
  2. Some of this information may help us to identify and fix bugs or other issues on KindMill.
  3. We may share some generic types of information with potential investors looking to invest into KindMill, for example user numbers and activity on the Service.
  4. We also may share some generic information with the media about overall user numbers and or types of activity.
  5. Also we may share a users personal information with law enforcement if it is determined that the user has violated the Law or some of our Terms of Service which relate to this.
  6. If the Police operating in the United States or FBI or other US Government organisations request your personal information from us then if by law we are required to provide them with that information we will do so.

Closing your account

If you decide to close your account down by deactivating your account then you will not be able to retrieve any of the information which you shared on KindMill. There is no way to export any information that you share on KindMill so once you deactivate your account that information will be lost. If you decide to close your account with the intentions of setting up a new account your will not be able to transfer any of your information over to the new account from your previous account.

Changes to the KindMill Privacy Policy

The KindMill Privacy Policy will be updated from time to time. When it has been updated the “Effective date” below will be changed to reflect this.

Contact Us about this Privacy Policy

If you have questions about the privacy policy contact us on

Effective Date 31st March 2019


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