Terms of Service outside of America

Because of GDPR you have certain additional rights which have been outlined below:

As part of GDPR you have you have the ability to be able to access, modify, extract, and delete your personal data. You also have the right to refuse and restrict the way your personal data may be used or processed. For example if you which to reject the use of your data in any email marketing or communications this can be done through clicking unsubscribe.

On KindMill you can delete your account at anytime. This can be done by clicking into the setting on your account profile page and then selecting delete account.

On KindMill you have the right to edit your personal information at anytime within the app on your account profile. Simply click edit profile and change any personal information including name, profile description, profile picture, location.

Any post which you create on KindMill or bucket your create on KindMill can also be edited or deleted at anytime by the user which created that post or bucket.

If you would like help changing or removing any personal information and are unsure how to do so please fill in the following form and we can reach out to you to assist in your request.



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